Sell your home fast in 2023!

Sell your home fast in 2023!

You may have had your property on the market before the December holidays and possibly you’re getting quite frustrated about why it may not be selling. Alternatively, over the holidays you made a decision to sell to move elsewhere, or just buy that dream home that you feel you can now afford. Either way, you and thousands like you will be wanting to sell your home fast in 2023!

There are a few simple rules that make this possible and as trusted agents who have made huge inroads into the property market in the last few years, you can feel rest assured that we know exactly what you need to do. So, follow our lead and you will be selling your home at the right price very soon – and best of all not over-paying on commission in the process.

Get the right Agent to Price it right

The first and most important thing is to get a reliable valuation from an agent that operates in your area and has a good understanding of the property values to do an accurate price comparison with prior sales.

This is so important, as firstly an area agent is likely to have a large list of buyers who are keen to find a home just like yours. This doesn’t mean it has to be an agent who operates only in your area either. Many reputable agencies like Nu Generation Homes operate over a wide area or even nationally, but have agents who focus on certain areas.

Secondly, if you overprice the home in the first place you’ll probably find that this will just lead to a very prolonged selling process until dropped to the correct price and that doesn’t look good to the buyers in your area and is frustrating to you!

Consider a sole mandate

Yes, we know all agents ask for this, but there’s very good reasoning behind this – read this great article that explains why – Sole mandates lead to your property selling faster | Nu Generation Homes. Suffice it to say, with a sole mandate an agent will always prioritise the sale of your property, give you the pick of the buyer’s listings and spend far more on your marketing – like the state-of-the-art drone photography utilised by Nu Generation Homes!

Save on inevitable price hikes

Furthermore – all other prices, like legal fees, compliance certificates, building and renovations and most likely the interest rate will continue to rise. The sooner you buy the less these fees will cost and you are likely to get a better interest rate on a bond as banks are currently very competitive. Your property value will most likely continue to rise, but so will your outlay to purchase it.

Dress your home for success!

Remember that Nu Generation Homes offer a full showhouse service and obviously your home may need to be viewed sometimes at short notice. Do everything necessary to ensure that your home is presentable and welcoming for prospective buyers at any given time. Also most importantly repair anything that needs to be fixed – even a couple of small obvious faults could lose you money on a sale or even the sale itself!

Trust your agent’s experience

Trust your agent’s experience with the market and with dealing with many buyers to bring the right offers to you and know the right price. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush as they say and for example, a cash buyer who pays a little less may be a far better proposition than a buyer who pays more but the sale is subject to the sale of their own property.

Don’t overpay for commission!

It doesn’t need to cost you a high percentage commission to sell your home. Nu Generation Homes offer a reasonable, affordable fixed professional fee whilst still giving you all the services and expertise of a traditional agency, with a massive online sales platform. If you are serious about selling right now, then talk to us today and sell your home fast in 2023!