Sole mandates leads to your property selling faster!

Sole mandates leads to your property selling faster!

The marketing of a home is no different to marketing anything else. It requires a strategy focused on reaching your specific target market in the best possible way, which usually involves repetitive advertising in the right places.

When you hire a marketing specialist to sell any product in the commercial world, you trust that they will be the best people for the job and have the right resources to accomplish the task as speedily as possible and at the right price.

When you give a sole mandate to a successful Estate Agency like Nu Generation Homes, you are not just preventing the headaches of having many agents trying to sell your home – you are embarking on a focussed marketing strategy by experts, with an excellent track record (nearly R615 million worth sold in record time) and saving on commissions by paying only a fixed professional fee.

Let’s take a look in a little more detail at why sole mandates usually leads to your property selling faster – and why it’s a good idea to go this route…

More Marketing

As already mentioned, when an agent has a sole mandate the marketing tends to be not only more focussed, but you can feel rest assured that your property will be more vigorously marketed too, with the full weight of the Agency’s marketing budget behind you.

It stands to reason that when an agent knows they have locked out the competition they are eager to spend more and go to great lengths to ensure the property is sold whilst the mandate is still valid. For example, only sole mandate sellers receive the benefit of all of our state-of-the-art marketing devices like drone photography and boosted listings. Advertising has precedence over other properties as do showhouses and the showing of the property in general.

Qualified Buyers mean better prices

An agent with a sole mandate is far more likely to present the property to their premier buyers as they know if it is to their liking they can confidently present the right offer at the right price without other agents and buyers coming in with poor offers way under market value.

The agent, having a little more time, is also able to present buyers that they know are qualified, good prospects and keen on the type of home you are selling.

Security and risk

Whenever you are showing a house, particularly if it is not just on show days, which is usually the case, there is a security risk of giving too many agents keys or access to the home. It is critically important to give these only to an agent you can totally trust and usually that will be the agent to which you have given a sole mandate.

Good agencies only use screened sitters and representatives and, on that note, remember that everyone in the agency from the Principal to all the agents and even the house sitters are more motivated to sell a home for which they have been entrusted to do so.

Just one last point, but an important one, there is also no risk with a sole mandate of two agents both claiming the sale and the seller having to pay double commission!

Go with the people you can trust

Nu Generation Homes, with a long history of expertise in property sales amongst its’ people, has already proven its worth as a reliable agency and one that you can trust to get the best deal for the most affordable professional services fee.

Gone are the day of exorbitant commissions. We offer all the services of traditional agencies that still charge these and more, so talk to us today about selling your home and how a sole mandate with Nu Generation Homes could definitely see your property sold faster!