Why it’s a great time to buy in the Western Cape right now!

Why it’s a great time to buy in the Western Cape right now!

A lot of people think as we reach the final stages of a year that it may not be the right time to look at or consider buying property, but here in the Western Cape, this is simply not true. There are in fact a number of reasons that this is an excellent time to consider buying property, so let’s take a look at a few of these reasons…

Take time to look properly

If you are visiting the Western Cape or as a resident you are staying home, you are going to have some time on your hands to take a much better look at what properties are on offer. Remember that good property agents in the Western Cape will not only be available at this time of year because of the opportunities to show properties to foreign buyers, but they will also have agents in all the premier residential areas so you can take the time to choose your area of choice.

Property is at a premium

Here in the Western Cape, in particular, prices are steadily rising because property is at a premium due to high demand. Many international buyers are viewing this as a great place to retire because of the cost of living and the weather – and even locally there is a huge influx into the Cape from places like Gauteng since COVID-19 showed us that it is easy for a lot of people to work remotely. This means prices won’t decline – so buy as soon as possible!

Save on inevitable price hikes

Furthermore – all other prices, like legal fees, compliance certificates, building and renovations and most likely the interest rate will continue to rise. The sooner you buy the less these fees will cost and you are likely to get a better interest rate on a bond as banks are currently very competitive. Your property value will most likely continue to rise, but so will your outlay to purchase it.

The Cape has a Nu Generation of property agents!

Excuse the pun but Nu Generation Homes does really reflect a new generation of property agents. We are unique in our approach and our offering. We work for and sell your home for a fixed professional fee as opposed to the usual exorbitant commissions charged by so many agencies, and we still offer the benefit of showdays to gain good buyer listings as do the traditional agents.

Add to this our great High-tech drone videography and photography to enhance the appeal of your property and excellent online marketing and you have every reason to contact us to get you looking at the right property right away.

It’s a great time to buy property in the Western Cape right now – and we can help you get the home or offices of your dreams – but don’t leave it for too late!