What new generation property agents should be offering every seller

What new generation property agents should be offering every seller

In our last article, we spoke about a new generation of property agents that operate primarily online and offer sellers greatly reduced fixed commission fees. This is great for sellers and many are opting to work with these types of agents. However, some sellers still opt for traditional sales methods at higher commission rates because they are not convinced that this new generation of agents can offer them all the same benefits.

Well, we happen to know that online agents offering better commissions can offer all the same benefits too, but don’t just take our word for it – let’s examine exactly what new generation property agents should be offering every seller… So, apart from fixed professional service fees, saving you a lot of money on commissions you should also be able to reap the benefits from:

Free and accurate market valuations

Every agent should be able to offer you an accurate valuation of your property, based on current market trends. Good agents use comparative market analysis tools to give you an accurate reading of the market and the value of your home. With our fixed professional fee, we are able to value properties extremely accurate due to not having to cosmetically inflate the pricing due to high commissions, to still meet the desired financial needs of our sellers
Cutting edge marketing
Where new generation agencies often have an advantage is in the usage of cutting-edge marketing tools. Apart from the massive reach of online advertising and social media, you should be benefiting from the use of drones and great marketing videos too.

Professional Show days

This is the biggest concern amongst sellers who think that online agencies don’t do traditional show days, properly organised and manned, as the norm was in the good old days. Well, good new generation agencies know that nothing sells a house and gives a better indication of market sentiment towards the home than a show day / personalised viewings.

Follow-up documentation and sale

Of vital importance is following-up right through from listing date until registration and any good agent needs to be able to do this; handling documentation professionally and following up with the sales process. The required Certificates of Compliance can also be arranged by a competent agent. A capable conveyancer goes a long way and that is the reason Nu Generation Homes partner with BSM Attorneys. Their service is state of the art and they almost automate the entire process with their streamline technology and friendly and highly qualified personnel.


Every Seller needs to have the peace of mind of knowing they are dealing with a fully licenced, registered and accredited agency, with a solid reputation and testimonials to back them up.

Nu Generation Homes is the new generation of property agents!

Nu Generation Homes ticks every one of these boxes and even more. We are not just an online agency that you will never interact with and just become a listing and a number. Our service is as personalised as any traditional agency and our understanding of the areas in which we sell is comprehensive.

We offer all the services you need to ensure that we achieve the best possible sales price, but with the added benefit of great savings on a reduced fixed commission. Talk to us today about the sale of your home and your specific requirements and find out for yourself that we totally deliver on what new generation property agents should be offering every seller.