What new generation property agents should be offering every buyer…

What new generation property agents should be offering every buyer…

There is a whole new generation of property agents that operate primarily from online platforms, but not always only online, who offer to sell homes at a fixed rate commission, generally lower than the standard commission charged by traditional agents.

This is great and has given many home sellers far better deals when they sell – and the really good new generation agents offer pretty much the same service that traditional agents used to deliver over the years. But what about the buyers? It’s all very well that the sellers get a better deal and pay less commission, but is this ever at the expense of the buyers and what, if any benefits do this new generation of property agents offer buyers?

Well, let’s take a look at what we believe new generation property agents should be offering every buyer:

Help to find the ideal home

You still want a wide range of homes to choose from and an agent that you can talk to. That’s absolutely fair. Be sure that the agency you choose is established, knows the area and has a good selection of properties to show. Also, ensure there is an agent you can personally work with to find that ideal home.

Show days are the key

The way that this is achieved is by talking to an agent at a show day for homes, because obviously you are going to want to look at a few homes before you buy one anyway. Here you can talk about your preferences and explain exactly what you are looking for. In other words, you need to work with an agency that has a wider marketing reach online, but still hosts traditional show days.

Good asking prices 

An asking price not cosmetically inflated by excessive commissions is what you need to look for and this means working with the new generation agents that offer fixed commissions at lower rates. But they also need to have show days and offer personal service… hmm is the search getting tougher?

Assistance with red tape – and credibility!

Having chosen that dream home, buyers also like to know they are in good hands and will receive plenty of assistance when it comes to bond applications and all the paperwork that goes along with a property transaction, as well as compliance certificates or any other stipulations in the offer to purchase.

Buyers also need the peace of mind of knowing that the agent is an accredited and registered entity, not a fly-by-night that will not be there to follow the full process through.

Get the best of the new generation of property agents

Nu Generation Homes tick all of these boxes – and even more. Despite our clear objective to significantly reduce commissions, we never compromise on personal service and being able to offer and carry out everything that traditional agents can.

Sellers and buyers benefit from the best of both worlds – the simplicity and wider marketing range of online property sales and the attention to detail and personal service in the way that things have always been done.

It can be achieved, and we are living proof of it, so contact us today to talk about your specific selling or buying requirements. Also, watch this space for our next article on what new generation property agents should be offering every SELLER.