Fixed-fee selling in Brackenfell and surrounds

Sell your property at a fixed fee and save on agent commission. 
If you are planning to sell your property, consider using the services of an agent who charges a fixed professional fee rather than commission.

Thanks to developments in technology, some estate agents have innovated their business model and charge a fixed professional fee for their services, said Dean Hewitt, co-founder, director and principal of Nu Generation Homes.

Choosing this option above a commission-based fee model can save sellers thousands of rands. This is especially valued in a difficult economy where costs are increasing beyond consumers’ earning potential and they are thinking twice before spending.

Estate agent commission is typically between 5.0% and 7.5% plus VAT of a property’s selling price. If you were paying maximum commission on a home sold for R1,5 million, your estate agent would pocket R129 375, while you get R1 370 000.

By paying a fixed professional fee to an estate agency, you should have more in your pocket after your home is sold. Knowing the agent’s fee, and being assured there are no additional costs, you can work out how much you can save.

Another factor to consider is price sensitivity in a market that currently favours buyers. If a property is listed at R1,5 million, but the agent is charging less for their services, that agent will probably sell the property at a higher price relevant to the asking price in a shorter space of time. This favours the seller.

Get the service you want

While lower fees sound attractive, be aware that not all fixed fee agencies offer all the services of commission based agencies,” said Hewitt. They might not provide sound and professional advice or host the viewings of your home for potential buyers, even though this is an essential step to negotiating a good price for your home.

As this service is important, Nu Generation Homes combines the best of both worlds. We charge a fixed fee, which is highly competitive, and deliver the professional service, advice and personal contact that is expected from a commission based estate agent.

Our fee covers the marketing costs that estate agencies would generally incur to sell a property in a fair turnaround time. Our objective is to meet the need of home sellers who want cheaper alternatives to traditional agent commission but get the same result at the same or better level of service delivery.

We disclose our fixed professional fee at the start of the process to home sellers and there are no additional costs that the seller is not aware of. This is specified in our contracts and disclosed to buyers and sellers in the property sale documentation. This builds trust among all the stakeholders, and the net result benefits all in the transaction.

Believing in adding value, Nu Generation Homes offers free home valuations. We take into account factors such as property size, features and location, as well as as development plans and the historical selling prices of other nearby properties. The market ultimately determines the price, but our knowledge and prowess can help to determine an accurate market related valuation.

Our valuations are realistic, as we have no reason to inflate figures when we earn a fixed professional fee for selling clients’ homes. This helps to ensure a quicker sales turnaround time and a more pleasant experience for the seller.

Nu Generation Homes has sold over 45 properties in the past 14 months, saving clients over R3,6 million in estate agent commission.

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